The perfect cartridge

The perfect cartridge: the right combination of load and the correct dosage of each component.

A cartridge is much more than the cylindrical object placed in the shotgun. In the production of a cartridge there is a set of delicate and complicated processes, and only with the quality and good performance of each one of them – together with the right combination of load and the correct dosage of each component- will achieve the proper cartridge, the perfect one, guaranteeing that when we point and pull the trigger, it will be in perfect accuracy and speed.

The secret to making good hunting cartridges is to use good components. On this basis, to load it we just need to follow two simple but extremely delicate steps.


We enter the Nobel Sport Spain facilities to learn in depth the manufacturing process of our cartridges.

The best components, a delicate production process and the continuous control, revision and dedication result in a constant cartridge with perfect regularity.

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A delicate production process

The first step is to select and properly combine the piston with the powder, the wad and load the corresponding buckshot. This mixture is seeking the required speed with the proper pressure. Maximum speed means the highest pressure with a controlled and standardized regularly. If excessive, buckshot tends to open soon, leaving gaps in the middle distance; if not enough, the elements stay together longer, the shot pattern is more effective but in the halfway distance they do not break the plate or penetrate the animal.

The second step, once the components are elected and the amount of powder and buckshot is measured, is its perfect, proper, and constant dosage. That is, getting the most difficult part done: regularity of cartridge behavior in each batch of the production.

Loading very few can be very simple, but making several million units maintaining the same behavior in similar situations while also keeping the ballistic performance of origin is where the expertise of a cartridge loader resides.

Serial manufacturing of millions os cartridges that behave the same in similar situations is what makes a difference.
Maintaining hunting culture and tradition. Conservationism and respect for the environment. Sportsmanship and fair play on the field in and on the court. Commitment to quality as the basis of personal success. Our inspiration.
This is how the ideal cartridge is made

Controlling the gunpowder and the fall of the wad are crucial during the loading of the cartridge. The flanging phase concludes with a perfect and homogeneous star closing. The mark is printed and quality control checks each and every cartridge. A hunting cartridge of 34 and 36 g should have a V1 speed of between 395 and 405 m / s.

Control and review, continuous dedication, passion for well-made products, and more than 40 years of experience with a single objective: constant and perfect regularity that generates the necessary confidence for success, our mark of identity.